Email Leads and the Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email Leads
Email Leads

Most companies have a marketing budget that they allocate each quarter or annually. It is used for various marketing campaigns to expand the business, increase sales, and engage the existing customer base. Depending on the type of business being run, multiple mediums are used for the campaigns that include social media, email marketing using email leads, snail mail, television ads, etc. However, any marketing campaign’s driving goal is to gain more revenue than the expenditure made on marketing activity.

Out of all the marketing campaigns, companies get the most bang for their buck through email marketing. Some estimates place the ROI (return on investment) at $44 for every dollar spent sending emails. Given that amount of return, you would think any business, when planning their digital marketing, would refine their email marketing campaigns. However, that does not happen most of the time. We will mention the critical points and processes of an email marketing campaign and touch upon how email lists can increase its success. 

Know Your Business

Although this point might seem like a no-brainer, it is a critical point that is not given much attention and can cause problems later on. Before any marketing campaign can be even thought of, you need to know your business, what you offer, and your limitations, the do’s and don’ts regarding your products and services.

Know Your Customers

This point is the second most crucial factor; you need to know who your customers are. You need to set up your ideal customer profile based on the product and service you offer. You might consider some factors: age, gender, profession, hobbies, among many others. A straightforward example would be if you sell pet food, your customer would be a pet owner and be employed, and the primary person who does groceries. If you have ever done surveys, you will notice such questions are asked.

The best way to collect the data you need is through surveys – utilizing any simple online survey maker, like this one, can help you speed up the process.

Acquiring Email Leads and Expanding Them

Although we have listed this point after knowing your customers, acquiring email leads should be parallel to your customer profiling. We are talking about organic email leads; you should be making a list through your website and your social media accounts. The only problem with organic leads is that they take time to develop and gather; hence it should be done from the start. Once you have completed the profiling of your target customer base, you have the option of purchasing email lists for sale from various organizations like List Giant that specialize in them. They will have leads of customers that match the profile you have set; this will increase your email marketing campaign’s chances of success. If you are a B2B business, then getting authentic business email lists should be your primary focus.

Think Over the Content

The other important aspect is the content; it should be creative, engaging, and targeted towards your customers. Through content, you can expand your brand, retain your customers, and increase your sales; they say that content is king, and they are not wrong.

The Big Day

The big day is when you send out the emails to all your leads and pray that they read it, act upon it, and help you attain your business goals. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that an email marketing campaign does not just involve a single department; you will need to coordinate with the rest of the company. Depending on the reason for the email campaign, which could be the company offering a special for Christmas, you need to make sure that you get the dates right. If you send the emails late, customers will not be able to take advantage of the offer. Send it too early, and they might forget about it; send it too frequently you might get marked as spam. So, you must include every stakeholder in the loop for the success of your email marketing campaign

Analyze the Results – fix and repeat

To know if you succeeded or failed in your campaign, you will need to analyze the campaign results. It shouldn’t be done alone, but this analysis will allow you to identify and correct any campaign shortcomings, along with all the stakeholders. Once you have tweaked your email campaign, try again, and analyze the results and repeat the process.

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