8 Ways to Leverage the Success of SMS Marketing

sms marketing on a sell phone
sms marketing on a sell phone


A significant percentage of consumers use mobile phones daily, with many using smartphones as their main devices for researching companies and making purchasing decisions. With that in mind, SMS marketing represents quite a smart strategy to pursue, one that is bound to come with an increase in conversions and sales. However, not all text-messaging tactics are created equal. Here are some of the best tips you should utilize to ensure your SMS marketing campaign is actually successful:

Develop a marketing team

While you might already have a marketing department, creating a dedicated SMS marketing team is also advised. Large-scale SMS advertising campaigns aren’t simple – you will need several skilled professionals to ensure success. The size of your team will depend on your overall needs, but keep in mind it’s best to have retail and SMS marketing program experts on hand, along with creative digital designers, signage coordinators, promotions specialists, social media experts, and more. These factors will have to be coordinated, and your SMS marketing team must communicate frequently, collaborate effectively, and work closely to ensure positive results. A complete and capable SMS team will lead to an efficient marketing campaign.

Know your customers well

Knowing your target audience well is key to any successful campaign; the same goes for SMS marketing. Use a customer relationship management (CRM) system to analyze your audience and determine the best possible messages to make your strategy more effective. Track location-based demographics and purchase histories to ensure you send suitable messages to the right consumers. For targeted promotions, segment your customer base and leverage personalization to boost your success rate. Regarding general promotions and sales that anyone anywhere can benefit from, only then will bulk messages be appropriate. Correctly targeting your audience is the only way you can increase leads and sales effectively.

Write suitable messages

The best messages are to the point. Although SMS doesn’t give you too many characters to work with, try to shorten your messages as much as possible. All your messages should be clear, plain, and concise, with no emojis, abbreviations, or all caps. Don’t utilize open-ended messages, such as vague messages that don’t provide valuable details to consumers. Your customers should have all the necessary information, including your brand name, a promotion description, the sale date, and the location. Otherwise, they might not make the desired next steps. Adding an expiration date on sales and coupons can also be a good tactic, functioning as an incentive that encourages customers to act.

Leverage helpful tools

To reach success with this advertising tactic, using SMS marketing software is also recommended. Coming with several features and automation tools, the right software solution can enable dedicated numbers, branded sender names, two-way message deliveries, automated opt-outs, personalization capabilities, and much more. Built-in analysis options and real-time reports will also make tracking your campaign a much easier process. The best software solution will allow you to simplify and streamline SMS marketing, so consider implementing it into your strategy to improve your return on investment (ROI) and increase your chances of success.

Utilize calls to action

If you want to boost customer engagement, include calls to action in your marketing messages. They will provide greater value to consumers, forcing them to read and interact with your message, and consequently take the desired actions. Solutions such as “click here” and “buy now” can be great options when including a link in the SMS, encouraging customers to visit your website. For an in-store alternative, asking your consumers to show the text message at checkout for a discount can be another good solution. You might also want to consider text-to-win or text-to-vote campaigns to increase customer interactions and engagement even further.

Get the timing right

SMS is about urgency, considering the fact that it takes people three minutes to open a text on average. Customers’ responses to promotions, sales, and events will be most successful when they represent last-minute impulses. This means an SMS is best sent a few hours before the desired action is supposed to happen instead of too late at night or too early in the morning. To find out the best possible time to send texts to your consumers, analyze their previous interactions with your messages. This will allow you to optimize your marketing campaign and maximize results.

Promote across platforms

To ensure your customers actually opt-in to your SMS campaigns, it’s best to allow them to do so at every point of contact. Include a pop-up window on your website with a visible SMS opt-in option, and make sure the opt-in is clear on your newsletter as well. On social media, you can add a “mobile number” field on your sign-up pages with a noticeable “opt-in” button that allows your customers to sign up for your SMS campaign. You can do the same at points of sale, whether that means including a “phone number” field for online purchases or having your employees ask customers if they would like to sign up for SMS promotions.

Prioritize your best clients

Your best customers are loyal customers, consistently buying from you, providing valuable feedback, and frequently promoting you through word-of-mouth marketing. The smartest tactic you could utilize involves identifying this section of your customer base and dedicating some additional time and resources to them. They already know your brand well and enjoy it, so take advantage of their knowledge by sending them more in-depth questions than you send out in bulk. They are your most valuable clients, so aim to reward their loyalty with special promotions, unique offers, and other benefits that will further solidify their dedication.


Regardless of the type or size of your company, SMS marketing can benefit any business. Use the advice above to streamline your campaign and ensure long-term success.