8 Positive Impacts Of Technology On Our Living Standards

A laptop with a text about the positive impacts of technology
Positive impacts of technology

Whether we’re talking to our friends and family, ordering meals from our phones, or doing our Christmas shopping online, there’s no denying that technology has made our lives easier, more convenient, and more efficient. But what often gets overlooked in this discourse are our living standards. The advancement of technology has impacted, improved, and irreversibly altered the course of our lives. New innovations are affecting nearly all lifestyle aspects, enhancing our standards of living as a result. With that in mind, here are just some of the many ways advanced technology is currently improving our quality of life. Here we list eight positive impacts of technology on our living standards.

The ease of communication

When we think of the correlation between standards of living and technological advancements, the increased ease of communication often comes to mind. This isn’t quite that surprising, considering the fact that technology allowed us to be more connected than ever before. Mobile phones make it easy to stay in contact with loved ones, social media is a great solution for getting in touch with friends, and specialized applications might enable us to meet new people as well. While some may feel like these technologies take away from real-life interactions, the truth is that they are incredibly beneficial for making valuable connections and supporting communication in an effort to improve our daily lives.

Greater career prospects

With the advancement of technology also came new careers and better employment opportunities. Powerful personal computers and high-speed internet allowed individuals to do their job from anywhere in the world, resulting in new career paths such as freelancers and remote workers. This increased flexibility also made it possible for people to work for domestic and international companies without needing to move to another city or country, or even leave their homes. As a result, a whole new job market has opened. We now have the option to find the most suitable roles according to our unique skills and talents, regardless of the job’s location. We can choose positions with significantly higher salaries as well, enabling us to improve our quality of life.

Differences in education

Similar to career prospects, opportunities in education have also increased thanks to technology. Online courses and virtual classrooms make it easy to attend classes and even complete a degree remotely. This has proved to be especially helpful for working students and those in need of greater accessibility. In terms of lower education, technology has had a noticeable impact as well. Nowadays, children can use mobile applications in the classroom to practice the subject matter at hand or even leverage 3D-printed models in an effort to understand concepts better. Such an interactive environment has supported collaboration and made studying easier and more enjoyable for children.

Better housing solutions

As technology continues affecting nearly all aspects of our lives, even housing has been transformed. Accelerated urbanization came with a number of cultural and economic benefits, while smart home solutions made everything from HVAC systems to entertainment easier to control. However, some novelties are still appearing in the housing sector, with the most notable ones being attractive build to rent options. These housing solutions include more services and active management, such as responsive maintenance and repairs and on-site teams that use technology to serve residents better, create a strong community, and improve the renters’ standard of living.

Increased safety and comfort

Nowadays, nearly everything can be done online. Apart from impactful aspects such as work and education, this also includes smaller factors that make our lives safer and more enjoyable. Clothes and furniture shopping can be done through e-commerce platforms, groceries and takeouts can be ordered via mobile apps, and even workouts can be planned with a virtual coach. Every aspect of our lives can be simplified and streamlined with technological solutions. Not only does this offer higher convenience in increasingly busy lifestyles, but it also provides opportunities for independence and more comfortable living for most adults.

Opportunities in medicine

When it comes to technological advancements and lifestyles, progress in medicine is possibly the greatest area of improvement. New medications, equipment, and techniques are continuously being developed, all with the aim of helping people and improving their quality of life. However, what’s even more surprising is the opportunities we can expect in the future with novel innovations. At the moment, the field of medicine is already leveraging robots for performing delicate surgeries, while specialized applications are used for supporting communication between doctors and patients and enabling remote diagnoses. These technologies will only continue to become more sophisticated and life-changing moving forward.

Renewable energy possibilities

As the world evolves, we learn that our modern lifestyles are quite damaging to the health of our planet. Fortunately, with higher awareness also came new sustainable solutions, all of them supported by creative technologies. The greatest inventions are possibly in the field of renewable energy. Wind turbines, solar panels, and even biomass and geothermal resources can all be used as effective energy sources. These sustainable solutions can provide us with clean energy, a healthier environment, as well as a more cost-effective energy option, all of which are critical factors in improving our standards of living.

New entertainment options

Not even entertainment has managed to escape the effects of technology. From social media apps that bring joy into our lives to streaming services that allow us to watch our favorite movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere, technology has made entertainment more accessible to everyone. For those who want to invest in entertainment options, wireless speakers and smart TVs can provide an incredible experience. If the sound is the priority, certain music streaming platforms also provide high-quality sound along with extensive music libraries that turn listening to music into an incomparably more pleasant experience. Regardless of personal preferences, there’s a free or affordable solution online to suit anyone’s entertainment needs.


Evidently, technology has already transformed most aspects of our daily lives, from simple entertainment options to incredible advancements in medicine. In the future, we can expect our living standards to continue increasing with the help of smart and innovative technologies.