Market Your Business With Periscope: A Quick Guide

Periscope for Business
Periscope for Business

Earlier this year, Twitter launched a live streaming app called Periscope which allows users to live stream from their phones allowing anyone to watch. Brands and users alike have jumped to use the app to live stream events, behind the scenes footage, and funny moments.

Toyota, for example has used Periscope to give its users live stream access to events like Auto Shows and commercial shoots. Users are able to watch Periscope videos through the app on an iPhone and desktop browser.

Those that are viewing the live-stream have the ability to instantly send comments and like the video. If done correctly, a Periscope broadcast can become an interactive event. So, how can you use Periscope to market your business? We’ve created a quick guide on how to market your business with Periscope.

First, How To Use Periscope?

The first step is to download the app on iOS and Android and then sign in

There are four primary tabs on Periscope:

  1. The first tab features a list of the people that you are following on Periscope who are currently “live”.
  2. The second tab features a list of the broadcasts that you’ve attended the past 24 hours.
  3. The third tab is your “broadcast booth” – where you can actually share your live-stream by simply tapping “Start Broadcast”.
  4. The fourth tab allows you to search for Periscope users you can follow.

Tips On How To Market Your Business With Periscope

One way how to market your business with Periscope is to show product demos or showcase how to actually use your product. A good idea is to answer users’ questions while you are showcasing the live demo therefore allowing viewers to learn about your products.

Another way to market your business with Periscope is to connect with influencers in your industry. Become an active participant in other people’s Periscope broadcasts and ask questions and engage with them and their followers. Soon, you will gain their followers and Periscope users will see you as an active member of the community.

Another way to market your business with Periscope is to take viewers behind the scenes of cool things happening at your company. Are you in the process of releasing a new product? Periscope could be a good way to build buzz before a product launch. You can also introduce your Periscope viewers to your company’s employees so they can gain a sense of the culture and personality of your company.

By using the live streaming app you have the ability to build up your mailing list. During your live broadcast you can ask your viewers to provide their email addresses if they are interested in learning more about your company and product. After collecting these emails, you can then enter their addresses in your database.

Another way to market your business with Periscope is by utilizing your live streams as instant focus groups. During your live streams ask your viewers what they want to learn about your company and product. You will be surprised how much insight you will be able to gather through your live stream dedication.

Similarly to utilizing Periscope as a live focus group, you can also use your live stream as a live support group. Let’s say you have just launched a product and consumers have questions. Periscope provides you with the perfect opportunity to answer questions and provide great customer service.

Periscope allows you to expand your user base simply because everyone has access to watch your videos. Viewers can re-stream your live stream in real time essentially meaning that your live stream has the potential to go viral, expanding your reach even further.

Live-streaming has certainly burst onto the social media scene and as brands and users keep embracing the app it will become ever more important to build a presence there.

A competitor to Periscope is Meerkat which has also built up an impressive user base. One advantage that Periscope has over Meerkat is that since Twitter owns Periscope it is easier to utilize Periscope with your existing Twitter account.

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