Best Ways to Increase Signups for Dating Apps

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Before a decade, none of us had ever thought that dating apps would change the scenario of the entire dating industry.

Only a few people were sure that this would become a successful idea. They believed that idea would gain traction over time. However, they hadn’t thought it would become the new dating culture within a few years.

Various online dating sites and apps struggled to get new users in the initial years. However, multiple dating startups evolved with time, and now they have become some of the most successful apps in the industry.

If you plan to build a dating app by considering dating app development, you should first define some essential things. Here, we will talk about this in detail.

After launching a dating app, one of the most common issues startups face is getting users onboard. To welcome new users to your dating app, you must ensure that you already have many users from the start, after your beta product.

T0 increase signups for dating apps is one of the most talked-about questions for companies that recently launched these apps. This blog will deeply look at that issue, focusing more on mobile dating startups. In a nutshell, we will provide details about gaining users initially and keeping growing your user base.

So what are the best ways to increase signups for dating apps? Let’s take a look at it.

Actions to Increase Signup for Dating Apps

1.    Define your Target Audience

Your dating app can’t move ahead if you haven’t set your app’s target audience. You have a clear idea about your target audience because it helps you attract more signups.

If you focus initially on your target audience, you can succeed better with your marketing budget. We see many challenges to increase signups for dating apps when there is no focus, and they try to reach out to all types of customers simultaneously.

Even though Tinder is meant to cater to the needs of most users, various other dating apps in the market are niche-specific and successful.

There are dating apps for different niches like dating apps for millionaires (Luxy), dating apps for the LGBTQ community(Grinder, Her), dating apps for pets (Twindog), for national minorities (JSwipe), etc.

2.    Positioning

As soon as you have found your target audience, the next you want to know is how your potential audience communicates. If you don’t do this, you wouldn’t be able to convey messages to the users quickly.

Your promotions, campaigns, and endorsements must align with your dating app. Whether you want to serve potential users of casual relationships, find partners, or find new friends, your marketing should become successful.

For instance, the Hinge app works as opposite to Tinder by allowing people to make good relationships. It also tries its best to reduce spammers, creepers, and fake accounts.

3.    Competitive Advantage

Here, you must define the Unique Selling Point of your target audience, which helps you increase your brand’s identity. In a nutshell, you should convey how your app is unique compared with other apps in the market.

What unique feature is it providing? By adequately answering this question, you will be able to make a sound app idea. It doesn’t matter what your niche is; the thing matters is your app removing all the spammers, creepers, stalkers, etc.

Your main aim is to have only one feature that differentiates your app from other players in the market; however, you should remember that the dating industry has become crowded. The more original features you offer, the higher are the chances your app becomes successful.

Now, it’s time to apply different ideas to get more users into your app. So, let’s get started:

3 Ideas to Increase Signups for Dating Apps

1.    Start social media & marketing before launching your app

After you have an idea about your audience and the type of app you will launch for them, you should start attracting your early user base.

To achieve this, you can reach out to your target audience to find your potential users and make an emotional connection with them. Make social media pages of your app on various leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. By this, you will get a vast number of users on the app release day.

Apart from this, you should regularly post valuable content about the updates to increase your targeted users and their visibility. Here, you should post news and content that adds value to a person’s life wanting a dating solution.

2.    Launch a Website

A website is the most important source of getting organic users on your website. To attract more and more organic users, you should consider two things: Landing page and blog.

Landing Page

To release a website before your app gets listed on the leading app store, you require a beautiful and engaging registration form to keep your network updated about the app’s development and release date.

With the help of this page, you can obtain info of the audience’s likes and get products in real-time to make essential changes during the development. On this page, you can provide a link to the app and an attractive timer to increase excitement among the users.


The story is one of the most effective ways of building a product’s user base on the web. Regardless of how you promote your blog, a compelling story can help sell your app, especially in front of the Millenials.

The most important way for storytelling is a blog. A blog that shares the latest industry news and updates helps you gain trust in the eyes of the audience. You can provide essential details to users about growing a profile, avoiding spammers, creeps, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

After launching your website, an essential thing that you should do is focus on SEO. It is the primary method to gain visibility of your site in the eyes of search engines. It helps you to increase traffic to your website also.

For this, you need to select the right keywords that your potential audience will search and insert all of them in URLs, meta descriptions, title tags, header tags, and images.

Another essential thing you need to do is insert links into your blog correctly and use header tags effectively.

In a nutshell, you should first focus on doing a local SEO in the region where your potential users are available. The majority of people love to use an app built for their region.

3.    Find a Tribe/Community

The majority of users love customization when it is linked with their interests. For instance, an IT professional would be looking to date a person who works in the same field. Likewise, a sportsperson would love to date a person in the same industry.

Briefly, we recommend you select a niche that can help you become successful in the market shortly. You only require a unique idea to move quickly in the market. Later, you can add more niches and expand your application for a wider audience.


The dating app market is flexible, and many new-age ideas can be implemented. Although developing a product is very straightforward when you have your segment in mind, it’s a challenge to start from scratch and increase signups for dating apps.

The best method to achieve this is by doing extensive research regarding potential users, their consumer behavior, and their beliefs about the relationships. Also, we point out some marketing techniques in this article.

Above mentioned ideas can be implemented in any of the dating apps in the industry. Lastly, we recommend focusing more on the app’s primary purpose and the users’ requirements.