How to Break Free from Business Constraints

business constraints
business constraints

When an entrepreneur has business constraints on what they believe is achievable, such as increasing sales or making the firm more successful, they are said to be in the constraint box. Often, the concept is outside of what they acquired as part of their vocational training, or it is so far outside of their comfort zone that they can’t understand how it may work.

The typical format is as follows:

  • “That’s not how it’s done in my field.”
  • “To do it that way, I’d have to spend too much money.”
  • “I’ve tried it previously and it doesn’t work.”
  • “I can’t afford to hire more people to assist me to get more done.”
  • “With my XYZ license, I can’t do that.”
  • “I have no idea how to accomplish it.”
  • “I’m too busy to do anything else.”

These assertions immediately limit your perception of what is possible. Business constraints eliminate any chance of progressing to the next level of accomplishment. You’re left scratching your brain, feeling trapped, and wondering why everyone else is moving ahead but you’re not.

This kind of thinking not only limits your outcomes but also makes it difficult for you to notice the tactics that are there in front of you and may work.

The Constraint Box Is Created By Business Constraints

I began to consider how absurd the Constraint Box of “not being able to finance” what I knew might work was. Besides realizing if I wanted to achieve more success, I needed to modify my mindset and techniques.

I also knew that other six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs took a different strategy to development than I did at the time; clearly, they were doing something that worked.

I decided at that point that I was no longer willing to live under the limitation of “I can’t afford it.”

“What would have to happen for me to have XYZ (the new result?)?”

A neuro-pathway in our brain is activated by the way we talk to ourselves and place our “truth.” We have educated our brain to follow a path between an idea and our reality based on our tales and beliefs.

Most of us have spent so much time telling ourselves stories about what we can’t have or how limited our resources are that we’ve practically conditioned our brains to expect scarcity.

If you study neurolinguistics, you’ll learn that the quickest method to break down obstacles in your life is to demolish the present path in your brain and create a new one that leads to the results you desire.

Ask Better Questions

Asking better questions that lead to better outcomes is an easy approach to activating this strategy on your own.

When you ask yourself, “What would have to happen so that I could have XYZ?” you’ve triggered your inner solution-seeker. The solution-seeker comes to a halt when we remark, “I can’t afford that.” There’s nothing you can do since you’ve already determined you’re not going to get it.

When you give your brain a problem to solve, your business constraint will quickly dissipate, new alternatives will appear, and ideas you’ve never considered will appear out of nowhere.

All because you turned off the automatic reaction that was restricting your view of what’s possible and replaced it with a fresh neuro-pathway capable of giving exactly what you desire!

Let’s bring out the problem solver in you right now. It’s most likely been dormant for years, waiting for the day when your perspective shifts back into possibilities.

You’ll find out that one of four things must occur:

1. Ask Questions That Lead To A Solution

You’ll need to learn how to shift the way you think about possibilities rather than shutting down your manifestation process. Our natural instinct is to accept our existing situation as the truth.

You’ll be able to activate solutions if you recall that we can build whatever reality we wish, instead of just staying stuck where you are right now.

2. You Must Make A New Choice

My opinion is that you’ve been living with your tale for a long time, which is why you’re stuck where you are right now. You must determine that everything is possible in order to stimulate your solution-seeker and improve your positive outcomes. Seriously.

You must be open to changing your viewpoint. Your current existence does not reflect your true self. It’s the reality you fashioned for yourself based on a skewed perception of what was achievable.

Make a new decision if you don’t like the life or business you’re in right now. Check industries out there and analyze the ones that are more close to your dreams. Either the most currently wanted industries such as sustainable energy and technology, or the most traditional such as agriculture, or general basic industry careers. Make the decision right now to use this method to activate the life and prosperity you truly desire. Decide right now that you can have everything you desire. Decide that your present circumstances will no longer define your future success.

3. Improve Your Habitual Thought Patterns

Everything we have is the outcome of our ingrained thought patterns. You will QUICKLY and PERMANENTLY update what you routinely think once you realize that 90% of what we achieve is a direct outcome of what we have conditioned ourselves to believe.

Try this test if you don’t trust me. Write down what thoughts come to mind when you are confronted with an opportunity or an idea that pushes you out of your comfort zone for a week. Your habitual thinking is whatever your instant response is in your mind.

That notion might make you feel lively and motivated, or it can make you feel exhausted and hesitant to move forward. If it doesn’t make you feel expansive, it’s generally not an idea that will benefit you.

4. Experiment With Working Outside Your Comfort Zone

We find a world outside our comfort zone when we remove our restriction box. In a predictable setting, our comfort zone keeps us all warm and safe. It also implies that we may get complacent in our thinking, behaviors, and methods, preventing us from innovating.

We cease questioning our own preconceptions and become complacent in our existing situation. We must practice living outside of our comfort zone in order to permanently eliminate our restriction box.

Take Away: Reduce Your Business Constraints

Every day, test one of your life and success assumptions by asking yourself, “What would have to happen for ABC (the polar opposite of what you’re experiencing right now) to happen?”

Establish a single focus, deliberately limit your resources, and give yourself tunnel vision to investigate as many permutations, concepts, and intelligence designs as possible. Being confined is sometimes just what you need to think freely and overcome your business constraints.

See what comes up and how you might gradually develop the habit of living in potential rather than being locked in your existing reality.



Guest Author

Ahemed Shamim Ansary