How eTorque system replaces the conventional alternator?

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eTorque system

How does 2021 RAM eTorque Work?

If you’re wondering how the new eTorque system in the RAM 2021 works, you’ve come to the right place. This new system replaces the conventional alternator and uses the motor function to add torque to the crankshaft. This system has twelve pouch-style battery cells, and it gets up to 19 mpg on the highway and combined city/highway. You can read about this system and its benefits in the following paragraphs. Also, read how Assembly Line Robots are helping in Automotive industry production activities.

How eTorque system replaces the conventional alternator?

The eTorque system is an automotive energy management system that replaces a conventional alternator with a more powerful motor. It is connected to the engine via a large serpentine belt and is capable of producing enough electrical power to both charge a 48-volt battery and power the engine. The eTorque system can even recharge a conventional 12-volt lead-acid battery.

The eTorque system replaces the conventional alternator in the 2021 RAM 1500 pickup truck. It is standard on the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine and available on the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine. The system is also available in the Jeep Wrangler, which offers variants with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. The system is optional in the Unlimited Sahara model.

The eTorque system gives the Ram 1500 a boost in performance. It replaces the conventional alternator by using energy lost from brake heat to power the vehicle’s electrical systems. This technology is ideal for hauling and towing large loads. It will also improve fuel economy, according to the manufacturer. However, FCA is not yet saying whether or not it will offer this technology on other models. However, if it does come to other truck models, it is possible that other automakers may expand the use of braking regeneration technology in future trucks.

In addition to replacing the alternator, the eTorque system also includes a DC-to-DC converter that supplies regular electrical loads to the vehicle and also charges the 12-volt starter battery. The new eTorque system also saves gas because the battery is recharged much faster than a traditional alternator. The 2021 RAM eTorque system replaces the conventional alternator

It uses a motor function to add torque to the crankshaft

The eTorque system on RAM trucks allows for increased power from the engine. It adds an extra 90 foot-pounds of torque for V6 models, and 130 foot-pounds for V8 models. Compared to conventional systems, eTorque is much more effective at helping vehicles accelerate from a stop, as it collects wasted energy from the engine and applies it to the crankshaft. This system improves fuel economy and NVH performance by enhancing downshift quality. The motor can also recharge its electrical system at cruising speed.

The eTorque motor generator unit is mounted on the Hemi 5.7L engine, where it provides power assist and regenerative braking. The motor/generator is connected to the crankshaft pulley via a serpentine belt. Despite the name, it does not sound like it would be that exciting, but it does work to keep the engine running smoothly and safely. The new feature also allows for more torque to be added to the crankshaft.

What are the advanced features of the RAM eTorque system?

The RAM eTorque system features an advanced electric motor/generator that generates electrical energy during acceleration. This technology works in tandem with the conventional mechanical starter to smooth out downshifts and provide a short burst of torque. eTorque also contributes torque during gear changes by adding torque to the crankshaft. A 48-volt battery pack is required for this system.

The eTorque system also helps the vehicle restart smoothly during stop-start maneuvers. The system travels from the engine crankshaft to the wheels within 400 milliseconds, which is twice as fast as the traditional stop-start system. The Ram 1500’s 48-volt eTorque system is quiet and smooth, which Ram 1500 drivers will find impressive. eTorque can save owners money at the gas pump.

It uses 12 pouch-style battery cells

Using a single volt electric motor and a pack of pouch-style battery cells, the 2021 RAM eTorque truck produces an impressive 420 pound-feet of torque. This torque is comparable to that of a gasoline engine. However, eTorque has a significant disadvantage: it uses a lot of electricity and is not suitable for stop-and-go operations. As a result, this truck will require a full charge to keep it running. However, it’s still better than a gas-powered vehicle, even though it costs twice as much as a gasoline-powered truck.

Pouches-style batteries are more efficient than cylindrical ones. They have the potential to hold more energy and can be more flexible and optimized for different uses. Because of this, the pouch cell format is predicted to dominate the automotive market by 2020. However, if the pouch-style cell is not standardized, then its price per kWh may not be competitive with the 18650 battery.

The Ram eTorque uses 12 pouch-type battery cells. The pouch-style battery cells used in the 2021 RAM eTorque have a much lower mechanical resistance, but they have the disadvantage of potential expansion due to aging. However, they won’t replace the cylindrical cells anytime soon, so it will take more investment, development, and mass production to take their place among other battery types.

The 2021 RAM eTorque uses a 48-volt battery pack, which is made by LG Chem in Michigan. This company also makes the battery cells used in the Chevy Volt and Bolt EV. The battery pack weighs about 30 pounds and provides 430 watt-hours of energy. A DC-to-DC converter in the battery pack converts 48 volts to 12 volts for electrical loads and charges the starting battery. This system is also able to power all of the truck’s accessories, including the radio, lights, and navigation.

It gets 19 mpg combined city/highway

The eTorque stop/start system replaces the alternator with a belt-driven motor, adding torque to the vehicle when it starts and smooths transmission shifts. The system also recovers energy with regenerative braking and returns it to a suitcase-sized lithium-ion battery behind the rear seat. This system costs $1,450 and gets 20 mpg combined city/highway with rear-wheel drive. There is a 1-mpg penalty with a 4-wheel drive.

The fuel economy of the 2021 RAM 1500 is outstanding. It can get 23 mpg city/highway and can achieve best-in-class fuel economy for a 4×4 truck. It also comes with an eight-degree recline. With the eTorque engine, you can enjoy the best fuel economy in this class. The 5.7-liter V8 has a combined fuel economy rating of 19 mpg city/24 highway.

Capabilities of an eTorque system

The eTorque system also offers a 48-volt belt-driven motor powered by a battery. The mild hybrid system improves torque and towing capability, while the TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission is adjustable for maximum efficiency. In addition to all these upgrades, the all-new RAM 1500 features an elevated hood and redesigned roof to reduce drag.

Fuel efficiency is one of the most important features of a truck, and the RAM 1500 excels in this area. With an impressive 19 mpg combined city/highway rating and a strong engine lineup, the RAM 1500 is a great option. And because of its versatile engine lineup and wide range of trims, it is also one of the most fuel-efficient pickup trucks on the market.

It has three stages of braking regen

In the 2021 Ram 1500, eTorque technology captures and stores braking energy. It then uses this energy to support the engine at low speeds. This braking regeneration system is similar to the braking regen technology found in hybrid vehicles, but it is unique because it is applied to trucks. This feature allows drivers to enjoy efficiency without sacrificing power. But what are the benefits of eTorque technology?

The eTorque motor/generator replaces the traditional alternator in RAM trucks. It works in conjunction with the 48-volt, 430-kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack. eTorque also adds a short burst of torque to RAMs under certain driving conditions. The battery pack is mounted to the rear wall of the RAM cab.

The system consists of 12 pouch-format lithium-ion batteries (from the same supplier as the Volt and Chevy Bolt EV), an inverter, and a DC-DC converter. In real-world driving, eTorque can improve fuel efficiency by 10-12 percent. It returns EPA combined fuel economy figures up to 23 mpg in the 2021 RAM 1500. It is optional on V-8 models.

An electrical system in the Ram truck called eTorque enhances torque. This replaces the traditional alternator and provides a mild hybrid system. In addition, the truck can tow more than 1,000 pounds more than a conventional truck. That means the 2021 RAM eTorque can tow a much larger load. Its battery is able to store up to a thousand pounds more than its counterparts.


The eTorque mild hybrid system replaces the traditional alternator in the engine with a belt-driven motor generator unit. The eTorque system helps to save gas through reduced idling. In addition to improving fuel efficiency, it also improves stop/start behavior. This mild hybrid system also allows the driver to use the brakes more effectively by generating energy for the battery. Also, read Tech Trends Shaping the Automotive Industry Outlook In The Future.