When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers For Your Project?

When should you hire dedicated developers for your project
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Businesses worldwide are opting for fast-paced technologies so that they can reach their targets without any delay. That means adopting a new model for growth will boost the in-house workforce, which also helps in the company’s growth. This is why most businesses are hiring dedicated developers for various projects with new technological initiatives.

But, the main question that can arise in every business owner’s mind is when to hire dedicated developers for your project?

In this regard, one report comes to the limelight: According to the ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage Survey of the year, 2020 says that American technology business is largely affected by global market shortage and in which tech positions are almost impossible to fill.

That means around 29.4% of the people are applying for software architect positions and around 36% for developer positions. However, overall you can say hiring dedicated developers for the project without overspending is not possible.

That’s why companies are looking for various options to save costs. They hire full-time developers, outsource projects to other nations where cost is low, etc.

This blog will discuss the various situations wherein it becomes necessary to hire dedicated developers for the project.

But before we talk about when you should hire dedicated developers for the project, let’s find out what is a dedicated development team or go to this site to hire a dedicated web developer?

Dedicated developers are the individuals who are well qualified to manage long-term software development projects for various companies, like, startups, mid-size, and also for enterprises. However, these developers are not freelancers. Rather, they do full-time jobs.

The standard dedicated developer’s team includes: –

  1. UI/UX designers who create responsive, simple, and interactive user interfaces.
  2. DevOps engineers help in coordinating the development process, operations, and testing.
  3. Front-end/ back-end/ full-stack developers build various applications from the client-side and server-side.
  4. QA engineers make sure every application that is delivered must be bug-free
  5. The project manager works as the mediator between the client and the developers.

When should you hire dedicated developers for the project?

These days, almost every company is taking the help of well-qualified dedicated developers to grow their business, which means the developers’ demand is rising. There are several situations in the working of the business where hiring dedicated developers offers high ROI. 

Shortage of development skills

Basically, the work of developers is to be abreast of all the necessary changing trends by offering essential insights into any of the organizations. These things encourage developers to experiment with new things and tools to offer something unique to the company.

According to the latest report by Statista, around 46% of the companies outsource software development projects as their in-house team lacks the skills required for the project. Indeed, the in-house development team doesn’t have much liberty to try things with various technologies. The reason is, companies can only trust practices that are opted by developers for a long period. Overall, you can say they don’t want to take any risk with the business.

Projects have a limited scope.

When the company notices the scope of any project is limited, there is a requirement for dedicated developers. Let’s understand this with the help of an example; imagine an organization that wants to roll any new features to its product and ensure to do it quickly. In this case, instead of bothering the in-house team, the company hires remote developers for short requirements.

However, when the project gets complete, the developers will be relieved without any problem.

Apart from that, another case in which the company hires dedicated developers for the company when the in-house team is overloaded with several projects. So, rather than delaying any project, an organization hires remote developers.

Projects have tight deadlines.

In this regard, let’s look at a report of a survey published by iCIMS. Most HR professionals take around 81 days to hire software application developers in 2019 compared to 66 days in 2016. However, the main cause of this delay is that around 61% of the recruiters face difficulty reaching out to well-qualified candidates. Around 24% of the HR professionals found it difficult to recruit candidates to complete the project within a tight deadline.

So, companies cannot wait so long to hire developers for the project. But, if they think of hiring remote dedicated developers for the project, they will easily get through the vendor.

Long-run relationship maintenance

Most of the company’s projects need the collaboration of the development team for a long time. However, the size of the developer team varies from one project to another. So, by hiring remote dedicated developers, the organization will discreetly form an alliance outsourcing company. This ensures all the requirements of the projects are achieved without any issues and within the assigned time frame.


To wrap it up, I want to say hiring dedicated developers and sharing your ambition with them is a tough decision as a company must think from all corners. So, if it becomes necessary to hire developers for the project, do it carefully and make the right decision after thinking from all aspects.


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