5 Things to Know Before Buying a New iPad



Finally, you have decided to get yourself your first iPad. What is seemingly just another tablet, is actually an entirely different device with a very unique set of innovative features. Apple’s products are highly favored for their reliability, innovation, beautiful design, and flawless performance. These features are definitely incredible. However, many who are buying their first iPad do not usually understand all the different OS features that come with the device.

Apple’s iOS is quite different than Android, both from a visual standpoint and in terms of how the OS performs. The apples operating system is designed to be as intuitive and simplistic as possible. It also integrates well with other Apple products. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with this platform. This article covers everything you need to know about the iPad’s features before making a purchase.

iOS apps

Apple iPad is known for the amazing benefits that come with its app store. Out of the box, you can expect basic essential apps such as cameras, photos, and messaging. Apple does a great job of removing the bloatware that you really don’t need. This is because the brand values simplicity and an overall clean design.

Upon first entering the App Store, you will be able to see various categories of apps. Some of the apps will be free, while others might require a small fee. Before making an app purchase you can also check out the reviews section to find out what other users are saying. In addition to that, you will see detailed information about how the app works along with screenshots.

On your home screen, you can arrange many of your favorite apps by simply holding the home screen for a period of time. Figure out which apps you will be using the most and put them on your dock for quick and easy access. In order to boost multitasking and productivity, you can easily organize your apps within folders. To do this drag an app over another one to merge them in a new folder, which is an excellent way to remove clutter. In terms of updates, you can choose to manually update your apps or let your iPad download the updates for you.

Amazing portability

The latest iPads come with reimagined size formats. One of the problems with the former generation iPad Mini was that it was just a smaller size of the regular 10-inch version.

However, the latest iPad Mini doesn’t have to sacrifice much of its display size and comes at 8.3 inches. Apple achieved this amazing redesign by slimming the display’s bezels as much as possible as well as by removing the home screen button. If you are wondering about the ID system, this model has a touch ID sensor on the power button.

The camera has also been improved both on the back and the front. The device features an incredible Bionic A15 processor, which provides a smooth and reliable experience everywhere you go.

The device now supports a second-generation Apple Pencil as well, which can be easily attached on the side using the built-in magnet.  In addition, you will be able to have amazing mobile connections everywhere you go, using the latest sub-6 5G connectivity. This is an incredibly versatile device that doesn’t take up too much space in your backpack and allows you to access it very easily.

Apple’s UI

Apple iOS has one of the best-looking design systems on the market. The user interface is simply gorgeous. However, it is also designed in a way to offers the best user experience as well. Apple achieves this by streamlining the UI as much as possible while still offering a feature-rich experience. In terms of performance, you can expect that your iPad will never stutter or lag.

This is because every feature and piece of hardware is manufactured by the same company, allowing you a much more reliable experience. You can check for yourself and get the best deals for Apple iPads at digiDirect. One of the key components of iPad UI is the Control Center. This is one of the most commonly used features and it will allow you to quickly control WiFi, Airplane mode, and Flashlight.

Here you will also be able to use Siri, which is Apple’s very powerful virtual assistant. Siri can help you execute some of the most complex commands such as scheduling your appointments, informing you about the traffic or even telling you what the weather will be like. 

Browsing the web

On Apple devices browsing is mainly done using the built-in web browser Safari. It is a really well-optimized app that shares a lot of the common features with its desktop counterpart.

However, it comes with a few handy tools that make mobile browsing much easier. There are several gestures that you can use to easily navigate the web. For instance, the double tap will automatically zoom to the selected area of the screen. On iPad, you can use the amazing advantage of having a larger display to fit all of your web content on one page, or even use it for gaming.

For reading articles make sure to use portrait mode, however, if you are watching a video or browsing through image galleries you can switch to landscape mode. For quick access to your favorite sites make sure to add the page to the home screen. This will allow you to simply continue where you left off.

New exclusive features

The latest iPad models will have brand-new features that are exclusive to the iPadOS 16. Some of these features work by utilizing the new M1/M2 chips. For instance, reference mode allows you to use the extremely powerful liquid Retina XDR display on your tablet as a reference monitor for any image editing that you might be doing on your computer. For the ultimate multitasking experience, you can also cast your iPad to an external display with up to 6K resolution support.

This will allow you to project up to four apps on the external display and four on your tablet. In case you need the extra RAM to run all of these apps, fear not, because M1/M2 chips allow virtual memory swaps up to 16GB in memory-intensive scenarios.

Whether you haven’t upgraded your tablet in a long time, or you are transitioning from Android, there are several things to know before buying a new iPad. They come with new features and a stunning design. The clever design makes the iPad much more portable as well. Lastly, with the latest chips, you can count on excellent cross-device connectivity and improved performance.